Molded pulp

If you want your products unimpeded in any country,please select Molded is the better packaging  product than the EPS/foam,EPE,PVC. This is the new application of paper,it can do what EPS can do,but has the following advantages:
●     the material is recycled carton paper, newspaper,other plant fiber 100% recycle
●     the products can be treated like paper,reuse or biodegradable in short time
●     not toxic,100% green,can’t pollute your products and environment
●     for it is 3D packaging,it can fix your products in stable position, can be make into various shapes
●     Nest structure,save 60% or even more freight and storage cost
●     Very good cushion material,absorb hit quickly
●     Can support heavy products,Molded pulp pallet can support more than 2 tons

Molded pulp


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